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Benefits of Adding a Skylight

Make Your Home More Energy Efficient With A Skylight

Installing a skylight is one way to allow additional natural light into the home. The skylight is installed in the roof of the home, allowing light to come from overhead and permitting a view from inside the home of the stars at night. Skylight installation is an energy-efficient lighting alternative to artificial lighting supplied by an overhead, floor-standing, or tabletop light fixture.

Benefits of Natural Lighting

With more natural light penetrating the home, there will be a reduced need for electrical lighting, lowering electric bills. Some statistics indicate an up to 75 percent decrease in electric lighting bills when this lighting is used. A skylight also reduces eyestrain and makes space appear larger. A well-lit environment makes occupants healthier and happier. According to some studies, exposing the body to a higher amount of natural light can improve production of vitamin D. A study conducted on Canadian elementary school students over a two-year period identified benefits like improved concentration and better dental records. Natural light keeps children calmer, which is especially important for families with autistic children. Adding it to enhance the amount of illumination in an area can prevent falling and make it easier for older adults to see while reading or watching television.

Popular Types of Skylights

A traditional skylight is a flat, rectangular, vented or fixed panel installed on a flat or pitched rooftop. It allows a large amount of natural light to enter the room. The low e-thermal glass used in a modern skylight makes it energy-efficient. Advanced framing materials allow the skylight to resist harsh weather conditions. A professional roofer can install a skylight on the home during or outside of a roofing installation. A tubular skylight is a newer version that has been around for more than ten years. Initially invented in Australia, it is now manufactured in the U.S. and represents an alternative to a traditional box skylight. Tubular skylights capture daylight from the rooftop, carrying it through a tubular shaft and delivering it to the room. They are efficient, economical, and fit into spaces too small to accommodate flat panel skylights. Certain tubular models use design, materials, and technology to deliver pure, natural light throughout the day. Low angle sunlight is redirected, while the overpowering sunlight of a summer day is rejected, offering consistent lighting throughout a day. This skylight installation features a lens that adjusts the light and enables homeowners to control light diffusion or warm or soften lighting colors.